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Construction Marketing
Miru brand logo in purple and white.

Architectural Photography

Whether for showcasing or sharing information

great photography is vital for any brand.

Construction worker on a cherry picker at DP World London Gateway
Web Files_Plot 2_The Spinney_Oakbridge Bespoke Homes_Miru_Apr22-69.jpg

As the UK's leading agency for the construction marketing we focus on delivering visual content that is truly valuable for our clients. 

Our experienced team take pride in understanding the construction industry, helping us to create powerful content whatever your requirement. 


Architectural photography image of a brick exterior
Architectural photo looking up at the apex of an industrial building

There is so much that happens on a construction project that people don't see.

So many stories, details, and interesting milestones that hold value for others. 

Our role as a marketing agency is to bring these elements to life through visual story telling in way that enhances your brand.  


Piling in action at London Gateway construction site
A roofer working on a new surface on a construction site at Walsall Manor Hospital
Web Files_12-09-22_Fossetts Park Phase 01_White Horse Constructors_Jul22-39.jpg

Construction site photos
are key to communicate changes.

With so many different teams working on each project having clear imagery that shows progress is extremely valuable. 



An excavator moving materials for a civil engineering project.
Two construction workers doing a site review of a project whilst on site.

Imagery reflects your brand. 


Marketing content is often the first point of contact that others with have with your business. Our clients work with alongside us to ensure that they marketing showcases them in the correct light and provide consistent brand messaging. 

Two construction workers discussing a project whilst on site.
An senior employee talking through plans with a junior member of a construction team.

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