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Photography is incredibly important to showcase projects and communicate progress with key stakeholders.

As photography professionals we work closely with our clients to deliver the highest quality images for every project.


Professional high-quality photography is key for any

sales and marketing campaign in order to

secure deals and promote developments.


Photos are often the first point of contact with new customers

so it's vital they reflect your brand from the start.

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At Miru, we provide our clients will clear, high-quality imagery to help document projects from start to finish. 

Unlike internal teams, we offer a precise, consistent record through the various stages of a project that provides teams

with clarity to progression and timescales. 

Our team of professional photographers have

years of experience capturing the highest quality

imagery for the construction industry. 

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The requirement to track progress and have clear, concise records of every stage of a project that all teams whether

based on-site or remotely is as important as ever.


Our photography services provide our clients with high-quality, detailed imagery that provided clarity for all teams working on a project. Our services help at all levels of development, whether it's for the main contractor requiring install updates for sub-contractors, to overseas end clients looking for weekly reporting on progress, we can offer clear, detailed imagery to help. 

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High-quality imagery is a vital part of marketing any

project and our team of highly-skilled, experienced photographers can work with you to produce outstanding photography that does your project justice. 

Our sole focus is capturing architectural photography meaning we have a greater understanding of how best to present your product compared to others. This is what gives us the edge in providing you with the highest-quality images.

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We work with a number of projects from start to finish documenting changes throughout.

One great way to demonstrate the change and the

workmanship of a project is to capture imagery of 

the same areas during the start and endpoint. 

Our clients have found that before/after imagery can be extremely powerful when used as part of a tender to demonstrate previous works and also as a sales and

marketing tool further afield.  

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