Aerial drone technologies are an incredibly valuable tool for any team in order to gather greater overall awareness of a project.


As a team of professional drone operators, we work closely with our clients to understand their goals to ensure we deliver the highest quality of service that gets results.


Whether our aerial services are being used to survey a construction site in order to gather a better understanding of progress or being used as a promotional tool for sales purposes at the completion stage aerial technologies offer a cost-effective alternative in capturing a unique perspective. 


Our aerial technologies help our clients to carry out surveys on buildings and sites that have restrictive access is a far more cost-effective way than traditional means such as erecting scaffolding or using cherry pickers. 

We operate a variety of different tools for surveying sites depending on our client's requirements including;

Photography, Video, Lidar, PointCloud, & Thermography

45-51 Cologne Road_HML_APR21_Front View


Capturing video from the air is the perfect way to get a

thorough understanding of the progress on a 

development and help to promote a project. 

When paired alongside video captured on the ground and around other areas of the project it provides insight from a unique perspective that is impossible to obtain by other means.

Our team of experienced aerial imagery professionals will

help capture your projects in an inspiring way.


Much like aerial video our team can help to capture

your projects from a perspective never seen before.


Aerial photography can be an extremely valuable tool to help with marketing and sales of a project, as well as being a powerful tool for the construction side of a development.

By using aerial photography you can provide unparalleled insight for both internal and external teams working on a

the project helping to record progress clearly.

Magnet Road_Thurrock_Kemsley_Small_MAR21
Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 20.24.02.png


Miru is at the forefront of innovative technologies and aerial mapping is one way in which we have helped our clients to gain a better understanding of their developments. 

We create photorealistic 3D models of a site which provides an extremely valuable insight into the progression of a project as well as featuring tools that enable issues to be clearly marked with annotations for transparency on a dispute. 

Alongside this technology we can also extract key data which can be useful for different roles of the construction team such as; point cloud 3D data, (DTM) Digital Terrain Models, and plant/land health data.

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